The advanced Marketing strategy that engages maximum audience!

Marketing, it’s a concept that has different approaches, different visions from each individual marketing strategist that leads to eventually the same goal of reaching out to the audience.

Every marketing tool should be able to engage with the customer on a personal level and help in creating a desire for the product and its association.

Companies today are spending a huge amount of money on their marketing strategies and have been bombarding the market with various communication tools to get the maximum of audience attached to their products and message.

But are they really getting a good ROI with every new tool that they use?

For instance, today companies spend upwards of 6 lakh rupees  per month on a traditional Unipole advertising  around Delhi NCR. This price is just the introductory one and can be well above this as per the location a company wants to target.

So, the question is, do such advertisings really engage the audience even with all those nice pictures, message and those expensive price tags?

When it comes to marketing in India, there are certain set rules that the industry has managed to iron-clad and has thus limited the scope of connecting and engaging with the audience in a better way.

This doesn’t mean that such brands are not getting positive returns, they are, and they will. The talk here is about something more than that, the purpose is to be able to capture a bigger audience by creating a desire in them to be associated with something engaging and unique.

Compare these two pictures below and see which one catches your attention more:

  1. This figure has a better impact on the mind and sends a clear message about the product with a fun twist.
  2. This is what a traditional marketer thinks of by making it a bit attractive visually while promoting a brand .

The first figure is what we call Guerrilla Marketing where the idea is to grab the attention with a twist.

Guerrilla marketing is one such approach once paired with traditional and digital marketing tools, has been proven to be beneficial to brands especially start-ups or established businesses looking to engage more audience in the market.

But what is Guerrilla Marketing exactly? 

A marketing strategy designed by businesses, tailor-made to their specific purpose and creativity by using surprise as the main ingredient. It is a low-cost unconventional way that helps create engagement to attract maximum audience towards the brands.

  • Creates a unique memorable experience –

    With creativity as base, this approach leads to the creation of an experience that touches audiences on an emotional level and invokes a unique and creative identity for the brand.

  • Engages more audience –

    Such a strategy if done correctly with the right combination of traditional and digital marketing can result in approaching more audience and engaging them to the new innovative ways of a company.

  • Great for low budget –

    It is an experience that is created in the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness at the right place and at the right time.

  • Helps in going viral –

    By creating a unique visual content, with the help of modern wonders of technology, this tool provides opportunity to build brand awareness with most ROI.

  • Boost the customer base –

    A good campaign results in more promotion through word of mouth and interactions on social media and helps to attract new clientele while encouraging the existing ones to be more involved with the brand.

It is perceived by most industry professionals that this marketing strategy is something that is and should be taken up on by small and establishing brands. That it will harm the image of big established brands in if they take up this approach. Although some big players have adopted it, others shy away from it.

But why not involve such a tool in established luxury brands with the help of industry specific experts from in India and get their creative juices flowing to create something so memorable that it gathers engagement like never before for such brands.

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