How luxury real estate can create the maximum desire for their brands.

Today, if you want to create a desire for your brand, you need to bring uniqueness in the way you offer something to the Luxury consumers. To be able to attract more clientele, maximum uniqueness is the key and determines the value of the brand in the eyes of the consumers because if a brand cannot come up with something new and innovative, why should it be important to them.

Bringing together all the elements of luxury and being able to recreate an experience that the luxury consumer craves for is the thing needed in the industry today. It is all about creating moments and experiences that the consumers can relate to and can look forward to be a part of again & again.

Making a sale is just the first step in connecting with the consumer but creating a Desire for the same is what a luxury brand needs to work on so that the consumers come back to them for more.

Offering the right product and being able to keep the customers happy with the unique and innovative offerings is what attracts the customers.

There are a lot of factors that leads to the creation of an unmatched desire for a brand in the mind of the luxury consumer. A location that is favoured because of its accessibility or due to its already established credibility or an emotional factor that a brand communicates to its customers that connects with them on a higher level thus creating an inherent desire for such a brand.

But two of the main elements are uniqueness and experience.

Bringing these two elements together leads to a desire that drives the consumers and helps to take the brand forward another leap in their market offerings by establishing them as an experiential brand.

The most appropriate example here would be the real estate project called Hudson Yards in New York.

Image Credit :  Hudson Yards, New York

The project here displays the right understanding of the market and the consumer trends placed in the right location to gather the maximum of reach in the target market.

They understand that the new generation of luxury consumers want to be in a space that serves to their 360 degree needs from different segments of their lifestyle.

Housing a culmination of various aspects of day-to-day needs, this project boasts of the vast variety of offerings ranging from Residential spaces, Hotel spaces, Shopping districts, Food & Drink attractions,  Public Square & Gardens and Event spaces.

In a way they have covered all the segments of a Luxury lifestyle where top brands from Fashion (Dior, Fendi), Jewellery & Watches (Cartier, Patek Philippe, Piaget), Health & Beauty (Jo Malone, Sephora, The Body Shop). Thus, creating a desire for the consumers to be associated with them and be a part of a community.

The Hudson Yards project is an example of creating desire by offering something that the consumers are already attached to emotionally.

If you are getting luxury brands on board to the most expensive property in the US, then the marketing that these world-renowned brands place for their involvement in such a property not only benefits them but also establishes trust for this ‘new brand’ Hudson Yards in the luxury industry and helps build faith within the community for being a trustworthy counterpart.


For instance:

Brands A,B,C,D have established themselves in Luxury Real Estate Property.

The coming together of industry leaders to a common ground and putting the marketing efforts to promote themselves benefits the real estate brand as well. When the brand pitches their marketing, campaigns based around the area of the property, it leads to more exposure of the location as well and determines them in the market as a favoured place of base by the Luxury Industry.

It’s like a campus where all the leading luxury brands are hanging out and are calling out their clienteles to be a part of that society and contribute in this desirability.

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