Brand concept helps create a more holistic experience for the consumer.

Most upcoming brand are struggling to grow despite spending huge amounts of money on branding agencies and marketing. The importance of having a strong and unique brand concept is still an untapped grey area in the branding.

Building a brand concept will be their golden ticket to success.

So, what is brand concept?

Brand concept is the use of certain strategies and action plans that help create a unique experience and builds customer engagement when they interact with the brand in brick and mortar or online. Thus, helping the brand gain and edge over its competitors.

Brand experience is one of the most favorable aspects to emerge in customer research over the years that is helping to bridge the gap between what the brand promises to deliver in its advertisements and what it really does. Any successful brand should be able to pull off what they communicate, and this is their chance to prove that to its customers.

What most brands in this day and age are focused on is their design while the attention needs to shift onto customer engagement.

A prime example of well executed brand concept is Nose a perfumery in Paris. They help you choose your perfect fragrance through a guided process of elimination. This is done using a digital diagnostic tool that allows customers to answer a range of questions to help isolate the fragrances best suited to them.

Some benefits that branding concept could reap you are:

  • It creates brand engagement
  • Allows maximum association of customer to the product and the brand
  • Helps you stand-apart in the market

Similarly, a brand doesn’t require a breakthrough idea to help create a unique brand concept. All that is essential for the brand to do is find that singular most notable thing about the product/service and build from there.

In this fast-moving world for new brands to grow and older brands to sustain, the focus needs to shift from traditional branding strategies which are purely influenced by design to a more innovative approach which blends both design and statistical strategies.

Thus, brands should choose a branding agency wisely to develop their brand concept.

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